The Andes

A land of sun and ice

To launch the first post in our new website, we wanted to tell you a bit about the Andean region.
It ranges from 2500 - 6000m above sea level and is home to a wide variety of animals and plants. The Andes spans from Venezuela in the north, and passes through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. Its culture has taken many shapes, passing by the Incas as well as the Spanish Conquistadores, who left their language when they travelled along the New World.

The land is bathed in 12h of sunlight every day of the year and is rich with minerals from the volcanoes. However the altitude, dryness and harsh winds don’t allow much to grow. The ancient folk called Quinoa the mother grain as its seeds are strong enough to grow anywhere and their nutritional value had been a staple of everyday survival.

More superfoods grow here such as Chia, Maca, Sacha Inchi and many others that are being discovered or rediscovered (black beans, tarwi, etc).

We make gluten free products using rich ingredients from this land that is still young and still undiscovered.  Try them out and ask us more about where we come from. We'll be happy to share.